Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

It is best to place your order as soon as possible. I take orders up to 2 years in advance. 1 year to 6 months is the recommended time to book. PrettyStitch is generally fully booked at least 6 months ahead and often up to 1 year in advance.

  • For each fitting you will need to wear the lingerie and shoes you will be wearing with your gown – changing underwear after the first fitting can dramatically affect the way your dress fits and cause many alterations. There will be a minimum of three fittings, and more if necessary.

  • An interim payment will only be payable if the cost of the fabrics – haberdashery, crystals, embroidery etc. exceeds the amount of the initial 20% deposit.

  • Full and final payment is due on or before collection of your order;
    - Payment by Cheque – must be made ten working days before collection of your order to enable clearance by our business bank.
    - Payment by Bank Transfer into my business bank account can be made at any time up to 24 hours before collection of your order.
    - Payment by cash may be made as late as the day of collection of your order.
    - I do not take Visa/Credit Card or Debit Card payments.

  • On receipt of your deposit I will confirm cost, design details, fabric choices, produce sketches and supply fabric swatches. However, details such as fabrics, style, etc. can be changed at any time up to 3 months before the date of delivery of the order before work actually commences, if fabrics and haberdashery have not already been purchased.

  • The confirmed cost will only change if you do decide to make changes to style, fabric choices, beading and/or embroidery etc. that will require additional work or costs.

  • Work will commence on your order 3 months before your wedding date – measurements will be taken, patterns drafted, and a toile made for fittings. Once all toile fittings are complete the creation of your order will begin.

  • I like to take your measurements no more than 3 months before the wedding to reduce the effect of any weight gain/loss.

  • The Price includes;
    - All consultations and fittings
    - The cost of the chosen fabrics and all haberdashery.
    - All labour

  • What is not included in the Price;
    - Shipping, and insurance thereof, if we have to send/deliver the order to you.
    - Any alterations deemed to be excessive due to weight lost or gained.
    - Any alterations to the original specification that will require additional work or costs.

  • PrettyStitch has Business Liability Insurance – underwritten by Glemham Insurance, Northampton NN1 2QZ