Pretty Stitch

The Design And Fitting Process

The key to a successful gown is a perfect fit: each garment is individually designed – by Denise – and made and fitted first as a calico toile to perfect the cut and fit – before the production of the final garment begins. Thus you will have a gown that suits you and is a perfect fit.

For each fitting you will need to wear the lingerie and shoes you will be wearing with your gown – changing underwear after the first fitting can dramatically affect the way your dress fits and cause many alterations. There will be a minimum of three fittings, and more if necessary.

We do not have a rack of dresses to try on, each gown is designed for each individual and made from scratch. Since styles vary so widely it is recommended that you have an idea of what you want before making an appointment for a consultation.

The consultation is to discuss your ideas, choosing fabrics, working out costs etc. After the first consultation a design or designs will be sketched for you, together with swatches of the fabrics chosen, or a choice of swatches if necessary, and a further consultation if needed.

We take orders up to 2 years in advance: 1 year to 6 months is the recommended time to book. PrettyStitch is generally fully booked at least 6 months ahead and often up to 1 year in advance. It is possible that weddings may be cancelled or postponed making a space available, so please do not hesitate to contact us to check availability.