Costs And Time Scales


Costs and Timescales

Styles and Clients' ideas are many and varied, so we do not have a specific scale of costs. The production of a couture wedding dress is a time consuming affair and having a gown made just for you is a unique experience, allowing total control over every detail, as well as the perfect fit that no off the peg gown can offer you.

All gown prices are quoted on an individual basis after a consultation to choose the style, fabric and embellishment. Consultations are free of charge, with no obligation.
The consultation is to discuss your ideas, choosing fabrics, working out costs etc. After the first consultation a design or designs will be sketched for you, together with swatches of the fabrics chosen, or a choice of swatches if necessary, and a further consultation if needed.
If you decide to go ahead you will need to sign the contract with a 20% deposit, which shows commitment from both parties to the making of the design. Paying the deposit and signing the contract secures your space, and our commitment to produce and deliver your gown on or before a date stated in the contract.

Since each gown is made to your personal specification it is difficult to generalise but costs start at £1,000 for a wedding gown, £275 for a bridesmaids, £150 for a flower girl, waistcoats £75, cravats and ties from £25. All quotes given are for made to measure, individually designed garments, including fabrics and haberdashery, and a dress bag for transportation and long term storage.
Once the space has been booked the time for having your gown made is secure. Measurments and drafting of the patterns by the designer will begin 3 – 4 months before the stated delivery date, and fittings 2 – 3 months before.
Although the design is generally set in the consultation and the cost based on this is agreed upon, it is possible to change the design if you wish up to the time when a set of measurements is taken and the production process begins. If there is a drastic change a revised quote will be given.
We take orders up to 2 years in advance: 1 year to 6 months is the recommended time to book. PrettyStitch is generally fully booked at least 6 months ahead and often up to 1 year in advance. It is possible that weddings may be cancelled or postponed, making a space available, so please do not hesitate to contact us to check availability.>